Re: trying to understand amaya under w95

Hi Charles,
>	I am trying to understand to understand the win95 compilation of Amaya
>so that I can make a contribution to your effort. I allready have a
>fulltime job and have no commercial motives. To me this is an
>interesting puzzle that I would like to help solve. Let me tell you
>where I have gotten so far:

Amaya is a freeware (see the coyright), you can download it and use as
well as you want (all you  have to do is to keep the copyright of

I really need some external contributions. Basically, I'm the only
of Amaya on Windows platforms, any contribution is welcome.

I did not release makefiles because to build amaya we need of cource
but we also need other compilers developed by our team. At the present
time, I'm preparing a Windows version of these compilers. When all of
this will
be ready, both compilers and makefiles will be released for the public.

>1. I have gotten the 9/22 binary to run, it has a few problems but that
>is inconsequential to overall puzzle, only the first step.
>2. I have downloaded the source, run 'gzip amaya.gz' to get it to a tar
>and then WINZIP.exe to unscramble the tar into a 30MByte set of files
>and installed it in its' default directory from my root c:\.
>3. I have read some of the html and text files and it appears that the
>next step is to compile to 5.0 version of libwww.
>4. I set up my environment in the fashion that microsoft has recommended
>for compiling programs in their various SDK's (software development
>5. I run (from the command line in a DOS window) the command 'nmake
>-flibwww.mak' from c:\w3c=libwww-5.0a\library\src\windows\ and it spins
>for a while and stops on the message
>'c:\w3c=libwww-5.0a\library\src\windows\windll\debug\vc40.pdb cannot
>open program database'.

Please CHECK THAT LIBWWW.MAK has not \r\n at the end of each line.
You have to edit libwww.mak using a window editor and to clean it
(suppress ^M extra characters) than you can build libwww.

>6. At this stage, I don't quite know where to go next, If you could
>suggest a course of research, it would be appreciated. I have been to
>the same place with the previous version of the libwww that I downloaded
>last week. Admittedly, I am a win95 programmer and not a unix
>programmer, but I have worked on complicated projects before. If you
>read me resume at you can see that I am not
>just a casual user.

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