[Announcement] Amaya 1.1a Beta public release

The Amaya team is proud to announce the availability of the 1.1a Beta version
of the Amaya editor/browser.

This release includes the first Alpha public version for PC/Windows.
You can find enclosed here below a more complete list of the new features of 
version. This list is also available on-line at:


The source code for the Amaya 1.1a Beta release release is available at:


This release has also been precompiled for a number of Unix patforms. You can 
download the precompiled binary distribution by following the instructions 
given at:


New features in Amaya 1.1a

* Anchors and ID attributes:
  + When Amaya parses a document it verifies that all MAPs have a different
    NAME value and changes them if not. The USEMAP attribute of the related
    IMG element is also updated.

  + The function "Create Target" generates automatically a NAME or a ID 
    attribute according with the current selection.
    - If the DTD allows the insertion of an anchor as the parent of the
      current selection, Amaya inserts the anchor and takes the first
      included word of more than 3 characters as value of the NAME attribute.
    - If only one structured element is selected (DIV, H1, etc.), Amaya
      generates an ID attribute for this structured element. The ID value
      as the NAME value depends on the included text.
    Amaya checks that the new NAME or ID value is unique. If it's not the case
    it changes the value by adding a counter at the end of the word still
    it's not unique (example "value1" if "value" already exists).

  + When an anchor with a NAME attribute or an element with an ID attribute is
    pasted, Amaya checks that the new NAME or ID value is unique and changes
    its value if not.

  + Functions which create a MAP element generates automatically a NAME
    with the NAME value "map".
    Amaya checks that the new NAME value is unique.

  + When an IMG with a USEMAP attribute is pasted, Amaya remove this attribute.
    and when an IMG with a USEMAP attribute is deleted, Amaya does take care of
    the related MAP element. The document author has in charge to delete this
    MAP or relink it to another IMG element.

* Links:
  + The functions "Create Link" or "Change Link" create an anchor if the DTD
    allows the insertion of an anchor as the parent of the
    current selection. Then the user can click on a target anchor or a target
    document or a structured element with an ID attribute.
    - If it's not a valid target, Amaya displays a form to insert the
      HREF value.
    - If the user click on a valid target, Amaya generates automatically the
      HREF value.
    In both cases, Amaya transforms the HREF value to make it relative to the
    document base (the BASE element value or the current document URL).

  + When an anchor with a HREF attribute is pasted, Amaya transforms the HREF
    value to make it relative to the document base.

* Images:
  + The function "Create Image" creates the SRC value relatively to the
    document base (the BASE element value or the current document URL).
    Amaya also creates the ALT attribute and initializes its value with
    the image name. 

  + When IMG is pasted, Amaya transforms the SRC value to make it relative
    to the document base.

* Publishing:
  + Button "Copy Images" indicates that images have to be copied into:
    - the new document directory (on the remote server or locally),
    - the new image directory, if there is a specified image directory.
  + Button "Transform URLs" indicates that all URLs, SRCs are recomputed
    when saving the document.
  In both cases, Amaya generates relative URLs when it's possible.

* Customization:
  Each user can define his personal file HTML.conf in his HOME directory.
  So each individual user can now customize size and position of Amaya

* Java:
  Upgraded to Kaffe-0.9.1 using the JDK 1.1.2 classes.
  The mechanism to access Java objects content has been cleaned up and
  should be ready for 64 bit targets.
  Java stubs are not distributed anymore, the Makefiles produced by
  autoconf build them on the fly to avoid conflict in case of changes
  in the HTML schemas.
  General improvements for the Java classes embedding access to the
  document C objects.

* Math:
  This version of Amaya contains an embryonic MathML editor, that allows
  mathematical expressions to be embedded in HTML pages.  It implements
  a subset of the MathML specification.
  This feature should be considered as a demonstration, as it is very
  imcomplete. More in next releases.

* MS/Windows
  This is the first version of amaya that runs on Microsoft Windows
  (both Windows 95 and Windows/NT).

Fixed bugs:

* Spaces were not accepted in end tags. For instance, </STRONG  > was
  considered invalid. It is accepted now.

* Amaya refused to create an Image before an Image. Now it works.

* Sometimes, active zones were not created.

* Using Style forms, the text was displayed correctly, but the style attribute
  registered the previous style value instead of the new one.

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