Amaya NT bugs

>Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 16:31:31 -0400
>From: Tim Berners-Lee <>
>Subject: Amaya NT bugs
>Congratulations on getting out the Windows version of Amaya!
>Now the feedback!...
>Problems with windows NT release when I tried it...
>(I wrote this in Amaya but couldn't copy it)
>- bad link to http-us download page from amaya download page
>- no readme for w95 or nt, only unix; no instructions on web!
>- amaya.exe runs, but won't load or save any documents by HTTP, including
help files.
>- keyboard has some weird characters (maybe fixed as French?) including
single quote coming out as "beginning of line".
>- cut and  paste don't work with Windows clipboard, only with local Amaya
>- can't open files with space in filename
>- can "save as" to file!
>We're all very excited about this posibility as we would  love to have a
browser which "does the right thing".  But it doesn'tseem to be there yet.
>Assuming (:-)  that these things are cleared up as part of the W95/NT
teething troubles, I'm interested in the publishing working out well.
>Part of tyhis is getting the bahaviour of links and images to work by default
>By default: "Save" should not copy any images, as these by defualt should
be assumed to be on the web and refernced by URL.  The outcrop of
cduplicate images on the w3c site has been a pain.  If you find an image on
your local disk, then it would be good at the point of incroprating it to
ask (for a document on an HTTP server) whether the image should be
published onto the HTTP server too. But the default should be reuse, not
>The "transform URLs" button doesn't explain what the transform  is! What
is it?
>"Transform embedded URLs to absolte" -- that doesn't sound very useful.
>The model should be that if I visit a web page, edit it and press "save",
the right thing happens. This is the operation to be optimized -- not the
upload of a set of file: documents into http: space.
>We were discussing tools today in our W3C/MIT meeting and Amaya working on
Windows would be great, and an example to the world. So you can expect a
bunch of feedback.

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