Proxy Configuration with Java-Amaya

  There was already another mail on this subject on the mailing
list. I guess the information below fully describe how to set-up the
proxies capabilities when running Java Amaya (hence the change of
the Subject).

>  In amaya-java I must enter these in, but that file only 
>has entries for setting the proxy, but I can't see a way to disable proxying
>for certain hosts. Is there another keyword to achieve that?

  Ok the basic mechanism available to define a proxy from
is a bit limited. Either you define the three values :


and the proxy is enabled for all requested URL, or you set up


and there is no proxy at all.

  Of course you can defines other schemes but you will need to
use some of the facilities offered by the Jigsaw proxy classes.
more precisely the proxyDispatcher, check the following URL to
check out it's outstanding capabilities :

Here is an example of a proxy setup :

------------------- -------------------------
; To set up an advanced proxy dispatcher

  The last line gives an URL for the proxy configuration.
One can use a file exported by a server to share the setup !

Now here is the content of my (admitedly very simple) proxy setup :

------------------ ~veillard/proxy.props ---------------------
fr              direct
DEFAULT         redirect http://my_proxy_host:my_proxy_port/

  all accesses done to the .fr (France) are done directly,
and all other accesses are routed to the local proxy.
You can also forbid accesses using teh keywork "forbid", a complete
reference and grammar for the proxy properties are available.



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