Re: W95 Amaya

Hi Marc,

>I downloaded W95 Amaya 1.1a, and it works almost fine.
>I had some troubles using it when my PC was pretty busy, I mean with
>lots of other windows and "processes" running. When this is the case, I
>have random behaviours of the system:
>- extremely slow display and scrolling 
>- digits displayed in the scroll bar buttons
>- Amaya stucked or crash
>- system reboot
>This PC is "plain W95", with 32 MB memory. This sounds like a memory

Yes, it seems (and I think) that there is a memory problem and I dealing
with it at the present time.

>When I dont have these kinds of troubles (i.e. Amaya running almost
>standalone ;-), I noticed the following problems:
>- some images are not displayed
>- color map is wrong, GIF and JPEG images are not displayed right.

I'm treating this problem too. Basically I need such comments to make
be improved in the right way.

>- some images in tables are not displayed at the right place (Irene, if
>you wish, I can send you the HTML code which produces the problem)
>- some images are not displayed with the right size (same thing for the
>HTML source)

If you explecitly give the height and the width of images in the HTML
file, amaya takes into account these features and displays images 
with respect to this data. You can correct the size of images bu
in the image you want to resize and give the right height and width
using the menu "attributes" (item height and item width).

>- Help/About Amaya makes an unreadable window to appear, with an
>unefficient "Confirm" button

Yes, this bug is fixed now.

>And at the end, just a few suggestions, to make Amaya more friendly to
>the basic W95 users:
>- provide an Amaya icon for the desktop shortcut

Yes of course

>- provide the Cut, Copy and Paste W95 keyboard shortcuts (^X,^C,^V), and
>make the clipboard shareable with W95

This will be done. The difficulty is that the user interface of Amaya
does'nt based on resource files. And accelerators are not so easy to
introduce in the run time, however this feature will be available in

>- get the cheapest PC in a supermarket, and use it for testing ;-)

Good idea. Basically Amaya was developed on unix platform you can
the difficulty to adapt a dynamic user interface (on motif for example)
to Widows.

>Anyway, Amaya works, and that is good !

Thanks for your comments.

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