Re: compiling amaya on windows95

Amaya is developped with MSVC++ (4.x). The source code of windows
is located in thot-src-2.1d.tar.gz and amaya-src-1.1a.tar.gz.

We did not yet release "makefiles" (MSVC projects).

to get amaya binaries for windows, you have just to
unzip amaya-WindowsNT-1.1a.ZIP and execute amaya
located in thedirectory Thot\winnt\bin or Thot\win95\bin

>I have a few windows95 questions:
>1. Do I download the "thot-src-2.1d.tar.gz" file and the
>"amaya-src-1.1a.tar.gz" file for windows95?
>2. Do I need to "untar" (sic) and then "pkunzip"?
>3. Is there a particular invocation for the archives to create the
>proper directory structure?
>4. Is a particular windows compiler favored (i.e. Borland4.5, Borland
>5.0 or Microsoft VC4.x)?

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