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Document's Title: Problems with Amaya

Problems With Amaya


       *  If you use the "delete" key in a text-entry area, then after Amaya
          deletes the text in the area, it begins deleting HTML from the
          surrounding document.  I accidentally deleted AltaVista this way. 
       *  It is annoying that when you single-click on an item, you edit it,
          but only because you HAVE to single-click on things in order to
          double click. Sometimes I accidentally edit links that I am trying
          to visit.  Also, I wish I could visit links by single-clicking. Can
          you make another mouse button (say, the third button) visit a link
          with a single-click?  I really think that this should be
          customizable.. users should be able to specify what action is taken
          in response to different events, like "mouse-button#1-double-click".
       *  I think that the "Backspace" key and the "delete" key should both be
          recognized, and have different (configurable?) meanings.  The
          configuration (of key-bindings to actions) is probably important
          because the maintainers of amaya may not HAVE backspace keys, but
          could still provide for other users who do.


       *  Floating images do not align correctly.  At least, I have an image
          on my home page[1] that does not align correctly.  (It is near a
       *  I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but if you jump from URL
          "A" to "A#B", then if you use the "back" button, Amaya does not
          return to "A", but to the document BEFORE A.  Also, if you jump to
          the URL "A#B", Amaya just says that the address is "A".
       *  Scrolling doesn't work correctly on Linux.  Horizontal scrolling is
          conpletely broken, while  vertical scrolling alost works.  In
          vertical scrolling, if you do a 'page up' when there is less than a
          page left, then Amaya scrolls up farther than the top of the page. 
          With horizontal scrolling, the horizontal scroll bar only has about
          [math] inch to move, even if the page doesn't fit in the window. 
          This is probably a Motif problem for all I know, but I could be
          wrong.  Also,  if the whole page first in the screen, it would be
          nice to have NO scroll bars.
       *  If you have a fraction (like [math]) and you press the down error
          HERE, it goes to the ten. But it never goes to the 1.
       *  When I type something, I have to click the mouse in that window to
          make the text appear in the other window.  Other things, like useing
          the arrow keys  also trigger the windows to sync. 
       *  If you mix these last two errors, you can get strange, complex
          (non-reproducible?) wraparound effects, like Amaya thinking the line
          ends at the wrong place.  

    Well, this is my first bug report.  I hope it helps,


P.S.  I see that my all the math expressions were changed to "[math]"
when I saed this file as text.  They all used to be "1/10"

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[1] http://sdcc13.ucsd.edu/~bredelin/main.shtml

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