Problems using PUT


I am having a variety of problems using PUT with amaya 1.0b (precompiled
Linux-ELF) in conjunction with apache 1.20. I think the server handles PUT ok
with the simple, unsecure script I'm using to facilitate it (script was grabbed
from ApacheWeek and modified by me) because using a remote copy of Communicator
does allow me to correctly publish to my site.

What happens when I try to 'save as' using amaya is that first, I correctly get
prompted for authentication, then get a message for each file (incl. images)
that they appear to be corrupted and asked to confirm or cancel continuing with
save. Everything appears to go OK, and my access log shows the transactions.
However, some files are inevitbly truncated - for these files, the access.log
shows status codes of '204 0'.

I haven't been able to attempt this remotely with amaya - the only machine on
which I can run amaya is the one the WWW server runs on. I did see a message or
two in the mailing list archives about some operations working correctly over a
slower, remote connection that did not work locally interacting with the server
- can anyone confirm this?

Another thing I experience is also something I saw mentioned in the mailing
list archives - if an operation fails, and I immediately re-try the operation,
I almost always get amaya crashing on me.

This is an excellent program and I have gotten quite handy with editing my
documents using the various views - I'd really like to be able to implement it
is the way my Linux users publish to the machine. I still hand code almost all
of my pages, but have come over to believing that many things, particularly
complex tables, are *much* faster to create using a tool such as Amaya. I think
in many ways, amaya is clearly superior to the only other Linux program that
supports PUT publishing that I am aware of - Netscape Composer.

So, I would appreciate any tips on using amaya 1.0b under Linux, specifically
with publishing to a server that supports PUT. One further question - how much
disk space does it really take to compile amaya from scratch? I do have motif
2.0 and am of the mind that it may be more stable if compiled on my system.



| Bryan White /

Received on Saturday, 12 July 1997 21:02:00 UTC