Re: win95 & finding the start of Amaya

Hi Charles, 

Amaya is an application based on the thot library.

All what you are looking for is located in the thot library.

>I believe I will take a different tack then trying to get the .mak files
>to work for a couple of days. I normally expect in a win95 program to
>find the program entry point at the function WinMain() [as opposed to
>main() in a standard C program]. I can't grep either. I try to find
>CreateWindow() which is the win95 function that creates a window and it
>doesn't grep. I studied init.c and can't seem to find any reference to
>InitAmaya() outside of that file.
>Now the question. Where is amaya initialized from in the source code?
>Can you point me to the place where the Visual C compiler would place
>WinMain()? Who calls InitAmaya()? [and conversely, who calls
>AmayaClose()?] If you could point me into the source for the place where
>win95 meets amaya/thot/libwww, I would be able to attempt to discern how
>it fits together so I can figure out why it doesn't compile.
>Thank you again.          

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