W95 Amaya


I downloaded W95 Amaya 1.1a, and it works almost fine.

I had some troubles using it when my PC was pretty busy, I mean with
lots of other windows and "processes" running. When this is the case, I
have random behaviours of the system:
- extremely slow display and scrolling 
- digits displayed in the scroll bar buttons
- Amaya stucked or crash
- system reboot

This PC is "plain W95", with 32 MB memory. This sounds like a memory

When I dont have these kinds of troubles (i.e. Amaya running almost
standalone ;-), I noticed the following problems:
- some images are not displayed
- color map is wrong, GIF and JPEG images are not displayed right.
- some images in tables are not displayed at the right place (Irene, if
you wish, I can send you the HTML code which produces the problem)
- some images are not displayed with the right size (same thing for the
HTML source)
- Help/About Amaya makes an unreadable window to appear, with an
unefficient "Confirm" button

And at the end, just a few suggestions, to make Amaya more friendly to
the basic W95 users:
- provide an Amaya icon for the desktop shortcut
- provide the Cut, Copy and Paste W95 keyboard shortcuts (^X,^C,^V), and
make the clipboard shareable with W95
- get the cheapest PC in a supermarket, and use it for testing ;-)

Anyway, Amaya works, and that is good !

Marc Barret
Grenoble Network Initiative    /         INRIA Rhone Alpes
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Received on Thursday, 25 September 1997 05:06:53 UTC