Re: Win95 version


> According to the documentation, the active links and target links are
>respectively blue and green.  Not true.  The color specified in the HTML
>"body" statement is default.

Irene or Vincent, could you please comment this report about colors
(align and fonts too)?

> Graphics
>    - the browser doesn't recognize transparent GIFs

If you have a glance at amaya on Linux, you will see that transparent
gifs are
recognized. This is not the case in the version released on Windows but
will be in the next release (I already treat transparent gifs).

>    - the "align" attribute in the "img" statement not recognized
>    - browser apparently only uses a 16 color pallet (probably windows
>colors).  I would suggest the use   of the Netscape 224 (I think) colors as
>a minimum.

Basically, if you use true colors (either 16, 24 and 32 bits) you will
no problem. There is a problem with 256 colors mode and I'm working on
16 colors mode is not supported "yet" by Amaya.

> Font sizes are way off where the "size" attribute is used in the "font"
>statement, i.e., a <font size=2> in the HTML renders an almost invisible
>text line by the browser.
>. . . more later

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