Re: Amaya NT bugs

At 11:58 AM 7/16/97 +0200, Ramzi Guetari wrote:
>Hi Tim,
>On what OS have you tested Amaya (Windows NT/Windows 95)?

	Windows/NT  (

>The binary version released last week was tested only on
>Windows NT, All features of Amaya are not yet fully 
>implemented, however it works fine (at least on my
>computer :-)).

	Not on mine! :-(

	But did you do some installation of the DLLs into
	system space?  There was no install script I could find
	so I just ran it as unzipped.

> I plan to have a version which runs
>on both NT/95 as soon as possible.

	That would be great but for now neither Henrik nor
	Stephan M nor I have got it to work on NT even.

>There is also some broblems saving URs, i'm not sure but 
>this seems to be related to libwww implementation on Windows.

What is the problem? (how dangerous/noticeable)
Do you intend to fix that in libwww?
Do you have plans to migrate to a Java-based HTTP implementation shared
 with Jigsaw?


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