Re: amaya on Windows-95

> I am trying to use Amaya on Windows 95, and it seems to have difficulty
> accessing web pages. How do I tell Amaya that I am behind a proxy?

Someone reported on a similar bug. The solution is available at:

If it does not work, please tell us.

> Note also that the edit button does not contain Select all.

Yes, but there is another way to quickly select the whole document:
the Esc key, which allows you to travel the document tree towards the
root.  As most HTML documents are pretty flat, a few keystrokes on the
Esc key allow you to select the whole document.

> Selecting everything by hand and "copying" did not work either so that I
> cannot show you what is in the window as a result.

Some key bindings are still missing in this alpha version, including
Copy, Cut and Paste.  The Edit menu allows you to copy from an Amaya
document to another Amaya document, not to the Windows cut buffer.

A more complete release will be done by end of August. These problems
should be fixed by then.


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