Re: unzip gz'ing amaya source

amaya-src-1.1a.tar.gz is an unix archive file.
Sources files are stored in amaya-src-1.1a.tar
which is compressed by gzip tool.

You have to get the tar tool and then use the
following command to get amaya source files:

tar xvf amaya-src-1.1a.tar

In the near future, we plan to have a winzipped
source code of amaya.

>I have the 'amaya-src-1_1a_tar.gz file' (14mbytes). I then downloaded a
>copy of 'gzip.exe' from a gnu archive (116K, 20 Aug 1993) and invoked it
>in the same subdirectory as the .gz file as 'gzip -d -N
>amaya-src-1_1a_tar.gz' and what I got was a single file 33mbytes in
>size, it does appear to have source code in it, but it is all one file.
>What am I doing wrong? Please help me understand the procedure to
>uncompress this .gz file so I can get started understanding amaya.

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