Don't forget Solaris! (was Re: Amaya/WinNT 1.1a)

Irene VATTON wrote:
> We reinstalled a Windows version that fix this bug and other ones.
> Please check the new release

Did you reinstall the Solaris binary as well? It's linked to X11R6, which is NOT
standard equipment for fresh-off-the-CD Solaris 2.5.1 (the old Amaya was linked
to X11R5, which is). The binary is important for those OSes that don't come with
a C compiler, IMO-- even if they are Unix.

While I'd recompile it myself, both the free gnu cc and gmake (gcc 2.7 core
dumps (!) on a file 75% of the way through) and the not free Sun SPARCcompiler
set was a no-go for the "make all," (the makefiles use gmake specific
directives) so it looks like those who want to run it will have to roll up their
sleeves and look at the source and makefiles to figure out what what of
environment is needed to make the thing run.

So it looks like both my Intel Solaris and my SPARC Solaris are out of luck.

If recompiling the binary is a no-option (which locks out most Solaris users
from using it), could you provide some hints as to the environment needed to
make the package?
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Engineering Division, Third Systems Section

Received on Thursday, 18 September 1997 21:14:50 UTC