Re: Still having execution problems

>Now, I am still having EXACTLY the same troubles as before....
>Thot and Amaya (minus Java) compile perfectly.
>This is what happens when I try running Amaya:
>        1. It draws the contents of the menus in the top-left corner of my
>        screen.

  I was having this problem when using lesstif versions prior to 0.80
Ugrading to the latest version volved it for me

>        2. It the draws the Amaya main window, I can see it drawing all the
>        buttons and the Amaya logo, but it then draws over them all with a
>        blank "view"

  This is this precise problem that the lesstif patch to amaya source is
supposed to cure ?!?

>When I run Thot:
>        1. It launches successfully and draws the thot logo and the main frame
>        2. But when I choose from a menu, it crashes.

  I didn't experience it on my own attempt to build Amaya and Thot on PPC. 

>As far as I can see, I'm using the 2.1b and Amaya 1.0b
>Are there any later versions I am missing? 

  No, I tried with this exact version. Did you recompile everything from
scratch after upgrading lesstif and applying the patch, this is probably
needed and the only reason I can guess why we are having different
behaviours ...


Received on Wednesday, 9 July 1997 09:49:22 UTC