Re: win95 executable

I assume you mean create an autoexec.bat and set thotdir=c:\thot but what
do I set home = to?
I have no problem with this, however, I don't think this is a user
responsibility.  I haven't had an autoexec file on this system since the
good old days of MS-DOS and Win3.  Hopefully, W3 will set the assignments
in amaya.exe where they belong . . . since on most Win95 setups, all the
windows stuff is on C:\ and that is where it was suggested that the amaya
package be unpacked.
> From: Andrew Pam <>
> To: Lee <>
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> Subject: Re: win95 executable
> Date: Tuesday, September 23, 1997 12:04 AM
> I found it necessary to set THOTDIR and HOME environment variables in my
> AUTOEXEC.BAT and then reboot before Amaya would start.  Even then,
starting it
> appears at first to have no effect - then a minute or so later it
> appears as if from nowhere!  Some sort of "welcome screen" would help a
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