Re: Amaya NT bugs

At 04:26 PM 7/17/97 +0200, Ramzi Guetari wrote:
>Hi all,
>Please check if there is a directory X:\TEMP\AMAYA (X is the drive for
>example C:)
>if no Create it. if yes, you should have the following directories:
>If these directories does not exist then create them.
>Restart Amaya and it should work.
>Please tell me as soon as possible if it works.

Thanks -- that works!  I assume Amaya will be able to create
those directories itself in the next release.  (Actually one
of the bugs in WorldWideWeb was that you had to create your own
directory for your home page). I strongly suggest this be in the
.exe and not in an installation script.

Next bug:

1. If you move the main window [more than a little?] then Amaya 
  goes into a mode in which it (amazingly) writes white
  all over the root window continuously, making the machine
  unusable.  I couldn't even get up the task manager and had 
  to reboot by the hardware.  Henrik sees the same thing.
  Platform is Windows NT in both cases.

2. When using Amaya for a while (without moving the window)
  after a while it loses the ability to display images or background

3. The table layout is not perfect -- the team page is a mess, for example.

4. The check (tick) marks in the menu for "View" are always on, whether
  the view is visible or not.  In this case it would be better
  not to show them at all than for them to be stuck on.

That's all for now.


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