Win95 version

About help.  The online help is okay, but some of us like to work offline. 
The windows 95 release should contain the help file in the installation
package.  For our testing purposes, could you provide a menu to the help
htmls or a text file for download and/or printing? You could put it in the
user directory.  Sometimes, I lose the address bar in help.  There
shouldn't be an address bar in the help window, but this will also go away
if you are going to use the Win95 help functions.

I am getting several invalid page faults as I jump around in Amaya.  I am
having trouble recreating them, but they seem to be in WWWTRANS.DLL

You should be able to change documents by changing the address line and
pressing enter.  Enter seems to have no effect when the address line is in

Received on Wednesday, 24 September 1997 20:12:22 UTC