Re: libwww & amaya source

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This is the list of .h files:
AHTErrors.h       amayamsg.h        libjava.h         trans.h
AHTEvntrg.h       css.h             libwww.h
HTMLstyleColor.h  eventamaya.h      netamaya.h
amaya.h           javaamaya.h       resource.h

and this is the list of .c files:
AHTBridge.c         HTMLactions.c       HTMLstyle.c         html2thot.c
AHTEvntrg.c         HTMLbook.c          HTMLtable.c         init.c
AHTFWrite.c         HTMLedit.c          Mathedit.c          javaamaya.c
AHTMemConv.c        HTMLform.c          UIcss.c             p2css.c
AHTURLTools.c       HTMLhistory.c       answer.c            query.c
EDITORactions.c     HTMLimage.c         css.c               trans.c
EDITimage.c         HTMLpresentation.c  eventloop.c         transparse.c
EDITstyle.c         HTMLsave.c          eventwww.c          windialogapi.c


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