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A typo

About whitespace in ds:SignedInfo

Additional test cases for Exclusive XML Canonicalization

Alternative XPath Filter

Alternative XPathFilter - a picture says more...

Announcement: Apache XML Security v1.0.0

Are there DName encoding samples?

Attribute certificate

Bad news! RE: History: Question on C14N list of nodes instead of subtrees

Beta exc-c14n report

broken URL in the

Call for Testimonials, XML Signature

DOM WG last call comments on Exclusive XML Canonicalization

dsig signature algorithms

ECDSA as signature algorithm

Encoding of Strings in DNames (X509IssuerSerial, X509SubjectName)

Encryption and Unicode (was: Re: WOOPS: xmlenc Call 13:00 EST 20020107)

Encryption code-set issues (Was Re: WOOPS: xmlenc Call 13:00 EST 20020107)

Enveloped Signature Transform

enveloping signature

Error in XML-Signature interop report page

Esoteric C14N and Security Cautions

Exclusive C14n Interoperability Report

Final Tweaks to Exclusive XML Canonicalization CR

for my ref

Fwd: Announcement: DOM Level 3 XPath in Last Call

Fwd: New Erratum E04 (Was: NFC)

History: Question on C14N list of nodes instead of subtrees

How do I represent a Certificate Chain

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-xmldsig-core-2-03.txt

Inclusive and exclusive XML Canonicalization in libxml2

Infomosaic SecureXML Interoperability test results

Interoperability Report on Exclusive XML Canonicalization

Mega Zusatzverdienst mit wenig Aufwand

minor post-last call exclusive c14n comment

Minor Typos in XML-Signature XPath Filter 2.0, Revision 1.4

Need Union and RE: Should I organize a call on the XPath Filter?

New XPath Filter Transform

Newbie Question????

Normative vs. non-normative references

Notes on xml-exc-c14n rev 1.21

ordering of multiple X509Certificates

other signature algorithm

Please Update Interop Matrix for GapXse

PrefixList: whitespace or commas (Was: Notes on xml-exc-c14n rev 1.21)

Protocol Action: XML-Signature Syntax and Processing to Draft Standard

Question for implementors: XPath model and CDATA sections

questions about exc-c14n

RDF & enveloping of XML structures

RDF & XML Literals: Intro

RDF C14N Comments

RDF C14N Inclusive or Exclusive

RDF C14N InclusiveNamespaces

RDF C14N Max or Min

RDF C14N XML Literal Equality

RDF XML Canonicalization Intro

Requesting advance of xml-exc to Candidate REC

Revised Additional URIs Internet-Drafts

RFC 3275 on XML-Signature Syntax and Processing

Salt and Iteration for HMAC (http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xmldsig#hmac-sha1)

Schema Centric Canonicalization algorithm

Should I organize a call on the XPath Filter?

Some exc-c14n tests


String Serial Number Representation

Test Vectors for DName encoding

Test vectors for draft-eastlake-xmldsig-uri-02.txt

The root CA for the XMLDSig Interop tests

Unaccessible page in Merlin's XMLDSig interop tests

Update interop report on XML-Signature Core Syntax and Processing

Verification Response Proposal: Toolkits ought to return bytes of verified data to the application


WOOPS: xmlenc Call 13:00 EST 20020107


X509SubjectName and binary values

XML Protocol comments on Exclusive Canonicalization

XML Signature SDK Testing

Xml- Spki Certification


XMLDSIG erratum

xmldsig-core and xml-exc-c14n published

XMLSec Library xmldsig interop report

XPath errors in specifications

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