Protocol Action: XML-Signature Syntax and Processing to Draft Standard

The IESG has approved the Internet-Draft 'XML-Signature Syntax and
Processing' <draft-ietf-xmldsig-core-2-03.txt> as a Draft Standard,
obsoleting RFC 3075, currently a Proposed Standard.

This document is the product of the XML Digital Signatures Working
Group.  The IESG contact persons are Jeffrey Schiller and Marcus

Technical Summary
    This document provides for a mechanism for digitally signing all or
    portions of an XML structured document. It can also provide a
    mechanism for an XML document to provide a digital signature for
    information which is not directly contained within the XML document

Implementation Report

    Multiple Interoperable implementations exist as documented in the
    implementation report available at the IETF Web Site (

Working Group Summary

    The working group came to consensus on this document. Note: the XML
    Digital Signatures Working Group is a joint working group of the
    IETF and the W3C. The processes of both organizations were followed
    in the production of this standard.

Protocol Quality

    This document was reviewed by Jeffrey I. Schiller for the IESG.

Received on Tuesday, 5 February 2002 15:23:55 UTC