Re: Exclusive C14n Interoperability Report

I've updated [1] with Kent's and Aleksey's information.

On Friday 15 March 2002 01:01, TAMURA Kent wrote:
> Performance:
> 	C14n:			53037 [ms]
> 	Exclusive C14n:		72584 [ms]
> 	Xerces2 serializer:	13219 [ms]
>   These are time for serializing a DOM tree representing a small
>   document 10000 times.  Note that we have not done any
>   optimization yet.

Ok, please let me know if optimization increases the performance. My goal 
is that the performance should be no worse than c14n in general, and with 
optimization in some scenarios, faster. So I hope the 27% decrease can be 
mitigated in the general case.


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