Inclusive and exclusive XML Canonicalization in libxml2


Thanks a lot for your reply! Your answers make the picture clear.
The C14N and Exc-C14N implementations are included in the
gnome-xml (libxml2) library ( and will be available
in the next release. I've successully tested my implementation with
all test vectors from C14N Interop report page 
and from "set2" test vectors from Exc-C14N Interop report page
I was not able to test "set1" from Exc-C14N interop page because
it uses XML DSig stuff not available for libxml2 yet. It think,
you can include libxml2 in the interop reports for both standards
("Y" in all rows except for "set1" for Exc-C14N).



Received on Monday, 4 March 2002 17:45:20 UTC