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I answered Joseph & Dwight privately already, but "for the record" let me state it here so that Joseph can update the Microsoft column in the interop table.  What's currently in the table is indeed correct for the implementation of XMLDSIG that we shipped as part of v1 of the .NET Framework/Visual Studio .NET.  The items that have * by them (which indicated that the feature was in post-Beta 2 > builds) no longer need stars; those features are supported in what we shipped final (all the HMAC-SHA1 stuff).  

To answer Dwight's specific question, yes, we do support the #xpointer(/) and #xpointer(id("ID")) syntax in v1 of the .NET Framework, but we don't have general xpointer support.  (We special-cased those two expressions in our code; full xpointer support in XMLDSIG is dependent on full xpointer support being added to the .NET Framework in general...)

As always, feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about the .NET Framework implementation.


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On Friday 01 March 2002 17:27, dwight funk wrote:
> I noticed Verisign is on the front page for XML Signature but not in the
> interopt grid.  Does the grid need to be updated?

The grids main purpose was to demonstrate the specification could be read 
and use to create an independent implementation. If folks send me new or 
updated info I will include it, but as it says, "The following information 
is the best assesment of the Editors/Chairs for the dated namespace and 
does not necessarily represent the latest state of any given implementation 
over this or later specifications. "

> Microsoft's testing was done on a pre-release version of DotNet.  Is
> Microsoft planning to update their results now that DotNet is released?

I suppose that question is best answered by MS.

> The email from Brian LaMacchia
> (
>l) from Microsoft says that: XPointers '#xpointer(/)'is No and XPointers
> '#xpointer(id("ID"))' is No.  But the grid says Yes for both.  What
> happened there?

I think he told me later it was supported but I didn't (for lack of a URI 
or mistake) didn't update the link to the new email. If Brian corrects me 
I'll be happy to link to that info.


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