Please Update Interop Matrix for GapXse

Interop results for GapXse first public version

W3C XML Signature Interoperability Requirements:

merlin-xmldsig-sixteen.tar.gz   Keyword   GapXse  
Detached Signature              MUST      Y1

Enveloping Signature: same 
document reference with 
fragment (URI="#Object1")       MUST      Y1

Enveloped Signature: same 
document reference (URI="")
with Enveloped Signature 
Transform.                      MUST      Y1

SignatureValue generation/
validation                      MUST      Y1

Manifest DigestValue 
generation/validation           MAY       Y1

Feature: laxly schema valid
Signature element generation    MUST      Y1

XPointers '#xpointer(/)'        SHOULD    Y1

XPointers '#xpointer(id("ID"))' SHOULD    Y1         

XPath                           SHOULD    Y1

the dsig XPath 'here()' 
function (can be used to 
implement enveloped signature)  SHOULD    N

XSLT (note, the child XSLT 
element of Transform has been 
deprecated.)                    MAY       N

RetrievalMethod (e.g., X509Data)SHOULD    Y1

merlin-xmldsig-sixteen.tar.gz   Keyword   GapXse
Digest SHA1                     MUST      Y1 
Encoding Base64                 MUST      Y1 
MAC HMAC-SHA1                   MUST      Y1 
Signature DSAwithSHA1           MUST      Y1 
 RSAwithSHA1                    SHOULD    Y1 
Canonicalization minimal        SHOULD    N
 Canonical XML (20010315)       MUST      Y1 
 Canonical XML with comments    SHOULD    Y1 
Signature Transform Enveloped
Signature                       MUST      Y1

merlin-xmldsig-fifteen.tar.gz         GapXse
signature-enveloped-dsa.xml           Y1 
signature-enveloping-b64-dsa.xml      Y1 
signature-enveloping-dsa.xml          Y1 
signature-enveloping-hmac-sha1-40.xml Y1
signature-enveloping-hmac-sha1.xml    Y1
signature-enveloping-rsa.xml          Y1
signature-external-b64-dsa.xml        Y1
signature-external-dsa.xml            Y1

Received on Friday, 22 February 2002 01:39:41 UTC