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Hi Merlin and Kent,

Merlin's response actually doesn't match the spec as currently written.

The result can have any nodes from the input document, and yes, Kent, the input is immaterial except for giving us a way to obtain a document root node.

Please see the first paragraph of Section 3.3 "Input and Evaluation Context of Signature Filter Transform":

"...The XPath evaluation context for the node-set will be:

A context node equal to the root node of the document whose node-set was provided as input to this transform..."

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I believe that "include" is set intersection of the input
node set with the xpath-selected regions; "exclude" is set
subtraction. So, no; the resultant node set cannot contain
a node which is not contained in the input node set.


>I'll defer your question to John but apoligize that I didn't publish the 
>editorially tweaked version (with some renaming, schema, and namespace). 
>The latest version is at:
>On Thursday 07 March 2002 00:29, TAMURA Kent wrote:
>> In message "New XPath Filter Transform"
>>     on 02/02/07, Joseph Reagle <> writes:
>> > Thoughts? (On these syntax issues, or implementation performance)
>> >
>> > [1]
>> Does this transform ignore the input nodeset except the root
>> node?  Does a resultant nodeset contain a node which is not
>> contained in the input nodeset but it is selected by
>> SignatureFilter XPath expression?
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