Re: minor post-last call exclusive c14n comment

Hi Merlin,

On Monday 14 January 2002 14:29, merlin wrote:
> One minor comment is that for c14n our algorithm URIs are:
> Whereas exclusive c14n uses:
> These are inconsistent in the use of a trailing #. If they
> are to remain inconsistent, perhaps section 4 should state
> 'may use the "WithComments" parameter'.

But this *is* consistent with the XML Signature spec: since we're 
allocating a specific namespace (instead of relying upon the URI of the 
actual final REC which is a pain before you get there) I'm erring on that 
side of consistency.

> Another is that the schema uses xmlns:dec; 'dec' seems
> unrelated.

Ok, changed to "ex" for exclusive canonicalization. I also properly 
qualified the example in seciton 4.


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