Re: RDF C14N Inclusive or Exclusive

On Tuesday 05 March 2002 04:49, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> This example would then become:
>   <eg:bar rdf:parseType="Literal"
> xmlns:xsd="">
>     <foo xsi:type="xsd:decimal">10.09</foo>
>   </eg:bar>
> where the RDF parser treats the namespace decl as asserting that
>  InclusiveNamespace PrefixList = { xsd }
> and then canonicalizes the xml literal on that basis.

This works. I've attached the rdf.xml with the two outputs generates from 
the two commands below. The first is a straightforward exclusive c14n (and 
the xsd: declaration is available); on the second I select the foo element 
(and the xsd: is still available).

> -e -i rdf.xml -p "xsd" > c14n1-rdf.xml

> -e -i rdf.xml -p "xsd" -x '(//. | //@* | 
//namespace::*)[ancestor-or-self::foo]' > c14n2-rdf.xml


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