Re: XMLDSIG erratum

On Sunday 17 March 2002 16:01, Gregor Karlinger wrote:
> once again our rules for encoding strings in DNames keep me busy ...
> I digged a bit in the list archive because I wanted to find the rea-
> son why the text in the REC is as it is.

You're, unfortunately, not alone as Harada has been asking about it as well 
[a]. (Regadless of your immediate issue, I recommend we pull together some 
tests that specifically tease out DNAME encoding issues; once we agree on 
that interop I'll put it in the interop matrix and highlight it.)


>   (2) The fourth bullet in the rec text states:
>         "Escape any trailing white space by replacing "\ " with "\20"."
>       According to to <merlin1> this should rather read:
>         "Escape a "\ " at the end of the string with "\20".
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Merlin, could you please tell me your view on the intention of the REC
> encoding rules?


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