Unaccessible page in Merlin's XMLDSig interop tests

Dear Merlin,

You provided few interpretability tests for XMLDSig and XMLEnc
working groups and some of XMLDSig examples have references to
"http://xmldsig.pothole.com/xml-stylesheet.txt" page. However, this
page is not accessible now:

  > nslookup xmldsig.pothole.com
  ** server can't find xmldsig.pothole.com.: NXDOMAIN

If it is possible and if you still have a copy of this page,
will you send it to me, please? I am trying to implement XMLDSig
standard and your complaing with your tests suite is a requirement
for any implementation now.

Thank you in advance,

Aleksey Sanin


Received on Monday, 25 March 2002 19:23:27 UTC