Call for Testimonials, XML Signature

Dear XML Signature Working Group,

We are looking forward to the publication of XML-Signature Syntax and
Processing as a W3C Recommendation, and to making a press announcement
to accompany the Recommendation.

At this time, W3C invites you to contribute a statement of support for
the XML Signature testimonials page, which will accompany the press

The content of the W3C Press announcement on XML-DSig will focus on 
three points. While the language in this summary are not exact,
the press release will provide practical examples which will
provide more clarity for the reader:

	1. XML Signature allows people to "sign" xml documents,
	   or parts of xml documents. This is important, as 
	   often times a document may require multiple
	   signatures from multiple people. Or, examples 
	   where a signed fragment of an XML document is 
	   required for another purpose.

	2. XML Signature serves as one key to the growing set of 
	   specifications essential for any useful Web Services
	   Architecure. W3C Specs under development, such as
	   XML Encryption and XML Key Management, rely on XML

	3. XML Signature was developed as a cooperative effort between 
	   W3C and the IETF. By default, this made the work more public,	
	   and provided independent developers with a clear window on
	   the work in all stages.

We would be pleased to have testimonials from those of you in the 
Working Group. I have provided guidelines for those of you who may
not have participated in W3C Press activity.

General Guidelines for Testimonials:

A testimonial must

	contain a statement of support for the W3C and the technology 
		we are promoting in this release; 
	be grammatically correct; 
	be attributed to an individual in the submitter's organization 
		(name, title, org) 

A testimonial should

	contain an explanation of why the news is important to the Web 
		or to specific communities, extolling the virtues 
		and features not before enjoyed; 
	include a commitment for support of the spec in existing or 
	future products and/or services 

A testimonial may

	include product announcements which support the technology now 
	or plans to support later; 
	be in a language other than English. 

A testimonial must not

	contain criticisms of the technology that may undermine the 
	success of the specification; 
	contain links to sites outside of W3C; 
	criticize other products or services; 
	exceed 100 words

For examples of testimonials in support of the Scalable Vector Graphics 
1.0 Recommendation (and a sample press release), please see:

The deadline for testimonials is 7 February 2002. Please feel free to 
forward this mail to your Advisory Committee Representative or 
your press department. I am happy to take their questions.

Best regards,


World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Janet Daly, Head of Communications
MIT/LCS NE43-363
200 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139

voice: 617.253.5884
fax:   617.258.5999

Received on Thursday, 31 January 2002 16:24:04 UTC