Re: PrefixList: whitespace or commas (Was: Notes on xml-exc-c14n rev 1.21)

Looks good. #WithComments doesn't "preclude" serialization of XML
comments; it enables it or somesuch. And the sentence following
the subsequent example should no longer refer to "foo" or "bar".

Also, in the non-normative implementation method, is the second
condition of the 3.1 iff correct? It seems to me that a namespace
node should only be rendered if it does not appear in ns_rendered.


>On Friday 11 January 2002 17:23, merlin wrote:
>> I objected (and still object) to the algorithm specifying an encoding for
>> the namespaces parameter when logically it is just a set. I would rather
>> the encoding be placed down in section 4 (editor's draft) where the
>> algorithm URI and encoding when used with XLDSIG is described.
>Done. I believe I now understand your objection. There's no need to specify 
>how your implementation passes this structure around within itself; what is 
>important is that the syntax be specified which is now done in sectino 4 
>"new revision: 1.31".
>> As for what encoding to use, I would advocate the encoding that XSLT
>> already uses, which is whitespace separated namespace prefixes with
>> #default to indicate the default namespace.
>This is done too.
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