Re: Unaccessible page in Merlin's XMLDSig interop tests

Hi Gregor and Aleksey,

Here's an update to the two relevant signatures; I'll see
if I can get a better URI from Joseph. Please shout early
if this doesn't work; I'm on slow dialup this week so
had little chance to check these.


>would it be possible to send an updated version of this signature
>which has the reference to this URI removed, or which uses another
>URI instead, to the list?
>Thanks, Gregor
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>> [] On Behalf Of Aleksey Sanin
>> Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 1:22 AM
>> To:; Merlin Hughes
>> Subject: Unaccessible page in Merlin's XMLDSig interop tests
>> Dear Merlin,
>> You provided few interpretability tests for XMLDSig and 
>> XMLEnc working groups and some of XMLDSig examples have 
>> references to "" 
>> page. However, this page is not accessible now:
>>   > nslookup
>>   ** server can't find NXDOMAIN
>> If it is possible and if you still have a copy of this page, 
>> will you send it to me, please? I am trying to implement 
>> XMLDSig standard and your complaing with your tests suite is 
>> a requirement for any implementation now.
>> Thank you in advance,
>> Aleksey Sanin

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