Re: Normative vs. non-normative references

On Thursday 24 January 2002 11:19, Norman Walsh wrote:
> I note that the PR draft of xmldsig-core makes no distinction in the
> references section between normative and non-normative references.
> In the absence of the distinction, are they all normative or
> non-normative?

Hello Norman,

I remember once asking if there was a normative definition of normative. 
(This certainly came up in questions of dependencies between 
specifications.) Regardless, never saw anything in writing and a convention 
for the W3C has yet to appear [1] though some WGs use the distinction. 
However, I've found the context of the reference to be more useful than 
this distinction in a bibliography and most of our references are normative 
(in that the import meaning/protocol/procedure necessary for xmldsig 
conformance). Quickly eyeballing them I'd say everything is normative 
except for:

Informative: read for interesting context/background

Important: I expect you should read if you're going to be capable of 
implementing the spec but no meaning is imported.



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