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Thanks to all for your diligent work.

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Congratulations to the WG! XML Signature is now a W3C REC (and approved
Draft Standard Publication) and Exclusive Canonicalization should follow

soon (now a Candidate Recommendation)! Early on we faced some difficult 
technical issues and a double set of process hoops to jump through, but
preserved, ended up with a powerful and extensible spec that has at
12 implementations! I think that's a first for the W3C -- and I'd like
think that's because the spec is so clear but it also might have been 
helped by the process lag <grin/>. So I thank everyone that has
via their participation, writing, editing, coding, and patience!

With our most substantive deliverable out of the way, Donald and I have 
spoken about revisiting the charter to focus on a ~6 month period of 
finishing up exc-c14n, xpath-transform, operational 
experience/optimizations, and maintaining the errata for the REC. (The 
present charter includes many tweaks to the milestones/timeline and it
gotten rather crufty.)

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The TR page has been updated accordingly. See:


There's also a press release at:


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