Re: PrefixList: whitespace or commas (Was: Notes on xml-exc-c14n rev 1.21)

On Monday 14 January 2002 18:17, merlin wrote:
> Looks good. #WithComments doesn't "preclude" serialization of XML
> comments; it enables it or somesuch. And the sentence following
> the subsequent example should no longer refer to "foo" or "bar".

Ok, fixed. I also plularized "that ... default namespaces should be 
processed according to [XML-C14N]." since there may be more than one 
default namespace in the nodeset being c14nized (new revision: 1.34).

> Also, in the non-normative implementation method, is the second
> condition of the 3.1 iff correct? It seems to me that a namespace
> node should only be rendered if it does not appear in ns_rendered.



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