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"index" link relation

"index" link relation (ISSUE-118)

[Bug 10640] Allow for non-nullable objects

[Bug 12607] [HTML DOM][XMLHttpRequest object] Ass property so that: Do not follow location headers

[Bug 12839] New: @id: Define how Unicode normalization affects the 'unique identifier' status

[Bug 12840] New: The example cache manifest file is never explicitly named, yet referred to by name "clock.appcache" later. Suggest adding a line "# clock.appcache" to the top, which would be consistent with the previous example files, and also demonstrate the comment syn

[Bug 12844] New: Remove the label attribute from subclasses of HTMLElement

[Bug 12846] New: The beforeprint and afterprint shouldn't fire if the user at any time cancels the print request. These events would imply that the user actually printed. Perhaps there should be an onprint event that fired when it is actually sent to the "printer".

[Bug 12848] New: "Subtitle" I am deaf. I love html5, it is wonderful tool. One problem with html5 video is no subtitle or closed caption. I would like you to add feature that all html5 video support closed caption subtitle. We can add file of subtitle to website with htnm

[Bug 12849] New: why is there a 'month' type but not 'year'? I need a 'year' field for a form (to collect year, make, model of cars)

[Bug 12853] New: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Sample page</title> </head> <body> <h1>Sample page</h1> <p>This is a <a href="demo.html">simple</a> sample.</p> <!-- this is a comment --> </body> </html>

[Bug 12854] New: I am quite surprised to see that things such as the list of allowed values for the "rel" attribute of the "link" tag (aka. the list of link types) as well as the list of allowed values for the "name" attribute of the "meta" tag are supposed to be listed o

[Bug 12856] New: Saying that "The dirty value flag <...> must be set to true whenever the user interacts with the control" is highly misleading. <> says t

[Bug 12858] New: This doesn't actually define "align descendants". It says which descendants are to be aligned, but not what's supposed to happen to them. Is it like floating, or something else?

[Bug 12861] New: HTMLOptionsCollection.add(wrongElementType) should throw

[Bug 12862] New: DOMElementMap IDL getter return type incorrect

[Bug 12863] New: Make HTMLDocument name getter return type object

[Bug 12864] New: HTMLMediaElement.addTextTrack return value not specified

[Bug 12865] New: HTMLFormElement getter return types should be more specific

[Bug 12866] New: HTMLSelectElement getter return types should be more specific

[Bug 12867] New: Hidden with autofocus

[Bug 12868] Allow placeholder for color, date+, and number types

[Bug 12869] New: Window name getter return type should be more specific

[Bug 12870] New: Minor issues with WindowTimers domintro section and timeout argument handling

[Bug 12871] New: DataTransferItem has inconsistent indenting

[Bug 12872] New: PeerConnection configuration argument should be serverConfiguration for consistency

[Bug 12873] New: suggested addition to *Examples of scenarios where users benefit from text alternatives for images*

[Bug 12874] New: question on use of image maps

[Bug 12875] New: remove the link *Providing a text alternative that is not null. (e.g., alt="spacer" or alt="image") for images that should be ignored by assistive technology [WCAG20-TECHS]*.

[Bug 12876] New: suggestion for Example 6.4

[Bug 12877] New: remove section 3.11

[Bug 12878] New: Master pages wanted eagerly

[Bug 12879] New: Object does not support the property in internet explorer.

[Bug 12880] New: I think the boolean attributes are generally a bad idea in HTML5 given that the intended bare syntax can't be represented in the XML syntax, and that you're effectively encouraging people to break XML compatibility for no good reason. So I'm not happy to

[Bug 12881] New: "is expected to hide it" is a bit vague. Clarify that it means display:none.

[Bug 12882] New: <b> and <strong> should be "font-weight: bolder" (both logically and to match the CSS2 default stylesheet)

[Bug 12884] New: Attribute width not allowed on element input at this point.

[Bug 12885] New: Add a new input type=numeric

[Bug 12886] New: The microformats wiki seems to be down now ... do I just have bad timing, or is that not a good place to host the registry? (https:// is working, though, actually...)

[Bug 12887] New: DataTransfer.getData("text/uri-list"): please define that spaces must be trimmed from /result/

[Bug 12888] New: the crossorigin attribute

[Bug 12890] New: s/lists the popular tag/lists the popular tags/

[Bug 12891] New: to RDF conversion should seriously be in agreement with

[Bug 12892] New: If I understand correctly the u element is for marking up iconic stuff like astrological signs, censored swearwords, etc.? As well as text that has lost its meaning because it is misspelt or otherwise corrupted? Please make the definition more clear, it i

[Bug 12893] New: <!DOCTYPE html> <html><head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/> <meta name="robots" content="INDEX, FOLLOW"/> <title>...:Moses Page:...</title> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="

[Bug 12894] New: rel=tag should not be allowed on <link>

[Bug 12897] New: UTF-8 BOM should trump users and/or HTTP (Encoding sniffing algorithm)

[Bug 12898] New: any idea when this will be up and running?

[Bug 12899] New: select.size is an unsigned long limited to only non-negative numbers, but that concept doesn't exist

[Bug 12900] New: A global attribute "contentaddedbyeditor" would be incredibly useful when testing for accessibility. It would be great to be able to distinguish between the template a template developer has produced, and the content which an editor then fills into the t

[Bug 12901] New: Keep up the great work... One suggestion. Could you please align the Microdata part of the spec with Microformats and/or RDFa, instead of jnust defining yet another random markup. It would be really helpful for alot of developers who have invested time an

[Bug 12902] New: Simplify input types (remove excessive date types) and add format attribute

[Bug 12903] New: HTML5 need to have a fullscreen abitity - like flash had (has) - for embedded video streams

[Bug 12905] New: For the attribute "required" of checkbox element, I think it should be defined as "at least one is required" but not "which fields are required". So it's better use the same constraint validation with the radio element. That is if an element in the check

[Bug 12906] New: Canvas should not pretend that it can be used to replace some input elements

[Bug 12907] New: The algorithm for parsing a legacy color value, steps 2 and 3, should be reversed. Given a case where string is a tab for instance, it should be treated as an empty string.

[Bug 12908] New: How come we leave the first 128 characters and then divide the string into three equal parts? Last time I checked, 128 % 3 == 2.

[Bug 12910] New: I think step 7 and 10 are pretty much the same thing, ie. s/[:alnum:]/0/g.

[Bug 12911] New: Incorrect order of "a" properties in itemref example

[Bug 12915] New: Accept Arabic and Persian Unicode digits in <input type=number>

[Bug 12918] New: I found that you limited the keywords acceptable for the meta-name attribute and for the link-rel attribute. In the specs you use exhaustive lists of allowed keywords. In my opinion you should only suggest keywords. See also

[Bug 12919] New: I am running chrome 12.0.742.68 beta-m and the details element is working

[Bug 12920] New: Move caretBlinkRate from canvas context to a navigator interface

[Bug 12921] New: Make caretBlinkRate a property not a method

[Bug 12922] New: Allow privacy exemption for caretBlinkRate

[Bug 12923] New: Setting a reflecting attribute of type HTMLElement to something with no ID should set content attribute to empty string

[Bug 12924] New: xml:base interaction with img element

[Bug 12925] New: in the 1st example 3 'hr' are used like an anonymous 'h#' => 'hr' should move to 4.4. The final 'hr' is of a different kind and wouldn't be there if we had lists ('dl' here) nested inside 'p'. The second example is mostly like the first three 'hr', i.e. a

[Bug 12926] New: The phrase "in a Document" is not consistently used in the specification

[Bug 12927] New: Define what "content attribute's document" means

[Bug 12929] New: [MIMESNIFF] needs to point to the draft by the websec working group

[Bug 12930] New: Update CSS references (CSS 2.1 and CSS3 Color now a recommendation)

[Bug 12931] New: On line 7 of the updateIndicator example, the attribute should be textContent instead of textContext

[Bug 12932] New: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In molestie sagittis nisl, eu porttitor magna lacinia ac. Suspendisse bibendum mattis massa, pulvinar sodales ante rhoncus a. Praesent semper, nisl sed ullamcorper vestibulum, ante ipsum posuere leo

[Bug 12935] New: <rt> should not auto-close <rtc>

[Bug 12937] New: Is there a fold/unfold TOC ?

[Bug 12938] New: “The attribute value can remain unquoted if it doesn't contain spaces or […]” Please replace “spaces” with “whitespace” to avoid confusion.

[Bug 12939] New: The <COL> group used to be defined as a very useful to represent tabular data. Among the various things needed for tabular data perusing is the data alignment. In v4.01 there is an "align" and a "char" attribute that make the <COL> attribute very useful t

[Bug 12940] New: I suppose there's no longer a version number so no thing like "DOM5 HTML".

[Bug 12942] New: Time element specification phrasing error (Section 4.6.10)

[Bug 12943] New: Drop progress.position IDL or make it settable

[Bug 12944] New: I found two useful references to XHTML5 in this document: 1.6 HTML vs XHTML States: " The second concrete syntax is the XHTML syntax, which is an application of XML. When a document is transmitted with an XML MIME type, such as application/xhtml+xml, then

[Bug 12945] New: "On setting, if the given element has an id attribute, then the content attribute must be set to the value of that id attribute. Otherwise, the IDL attribute must be set to the empty string." is strange and breaks reflection. If the given element isn't in

[Bug 12946] New: "first img element descendant of the element" doesn't define properly which element. First in document order?

[Bug 12948] New: New feature request: GROUP tag What I'd like to achieve in HTML is to easily access a group of elements via Javascript using a single parent element (GROUP). The GROUP element would not under any circumstance affect the layout of the page, and would not b

[Bug 12949] New: click() shouldn't have special powers over dispatching click event manually

[Bug 12950] New: Require Byte-Order Mark (BOM) in UTF-8 encoded pages

[Bug 12952] New: remove typemustmatch

[Bug 12954] New: List of events would be useful

[Bug 12955] New: Fire DOMContentLoaded at iframe when it is fired at contentWindow for convinience

[Bug 12956] New: <style scoped>: The non-normative statement "If the scoped attribute is present: where flow content is expected, but before any other flow content other than other style elements and inter-element whitespace." is not backed by a normative statement.

[Bug 12957] New: Is it possible to supply new semantic tag, just like <img>, <canvas> and <audio>, to support view and edit ODF document or PDF document in brower? These document formats are widely used. We hope they can be manipulated in brower directly with the help of

[Bug 12959] New: It would probably be a good idea to "The noscript element must not be used in XML documents." above "The noscript element must not be used in XML documents."

[Bug 12960] New: Self-referential annoyance

[Bug 12961] New: It looks like this is actually known as "HTML DOM":

[Bug 12962] New: Typographic Conventions not implemented as portably as they could be

[Bug 12963] New: hola no se k es un feedakv

[Bug 12964] New: <video>: Declarative linking of full-text transcripts to video and audio elements

[Bug 12966] New: Why the { items: [item, ...] } when the object has only property?

[Bug 12967] New: I feel this part is not clear enough. When should the developers call update()? Should they call update() before swapCache()? Must swapCache() be called before reload? I've tried that even without calling swapCache(), once manifest changed, the file will

[Bug 12968] New: Bad value revisit-after for attribute name on element meta: Keyword revisit-after is not registered

[Bug 12970] New: Media Events: I think it should be added to the documentation how certain events should be handled main ones being seeked and seeking. Currently some browsers when seeking a media element they fire multiple events (pause, seeking, seeked, play). While som

[Bug 12971] New: A lot of times, perhaps the majority of the time, authors use <em> or <strong> to make text italic or bold, when in fact the intention has nothing to do with emphasizing or strongly emphasizing the text. The result is terrible in aural browsers and extrem

[Bug 12972] New: The IDL parts in this section contain what I believe to be non-valid WebIDL, specifically "Element?" and "object?" - both interface types and object are already nullable, so the ? is invalid.

[Bug 12973] New: The IDL parts in this section contain what I believe to be non-valid WebIDL, specifically "Element?" and "object?" - both interface types and object are already nullable, so the ? is invalid.

[Bug 12974] New: Allow placeholder="" on <input type=number>


[Bug 12977] New: Step 6 of the legacy color parsing rules is unnecessary, as 3-digit hex colors will be successfully parsed by the general case further down.

[Bug 12982] New: <video> canplay and canplaythrough should only fire once, when the new readyState is HAVE_FUTURE_DATA and HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA for the first time, respectively.

[Bug 12984] New: Contributions to HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives

[Bug 12985] New: HTML 5 and IPA TTS

[Bug 12986] New: Last Call comments to HTML5

[Bug 12987] New: u hb h jhu uu.

[Bug 12988] New: I'm a bit in trouble on what type to apply for zip- postcodes. I would use type=number, but then I cant use the maxlenght attribute. While using type=text there are no max min attributes. No matter what type I choose, none of them works for zip- postcodes

[Bug 12989] New: According to "The dl element": >The order of the list of groups, and of the names and values within each group, may be significant. Why don't you define an attribute on the dl element, for example, "ordered" attribute, which indicates that the list is ord

[Bug 12990] New: The footer element (Sections, Elements of HTML). Request for clarification. Re: Interaction of <blockquote> with the prohibition on nested <footer>s. "When the footer element contains entire sections, they represent appendices, indexes, long colophons, ve

[Bug 12991] New: Is Nokia's Symbian S60 5th Edition OS supports html 5 , e.g., Nokia 5230 inbuilt web browser.

[Bug 12993] New: Missing ) after: (If the goal was to mark the element as misspelt...

[Bug 12994] New: Please don't use section numbers as these tend to change rapidly and make your feedback harder to understand.

[Bug 12996] New: The dropEffect attribute controls the drag-and-drop feedback that the user is given during a drag-and-drop operation. When the DataTransfer object is created, the dropEffect attribute is set to a string value. On getting, it must return its current value.

[Bug 12998] New: Some attributes are not overridable with 'var' in browsers. See

[Bug 12999] New: Allow nodefault="" on <menu type=context>

[Bug 13000] New: 111111111111111111111111111a pointing device, a drag operation could be the default action of a mousedown event that is followed by a series of mousemove events, and the drop could be triggered by the mouse being released. On media without a pointing dev

[Bug 13002] New: its a Bible of HTML 5. a great work, but my English is no good. I'm Spanian... this document is translating to other languajes? i can't see links to other languages

[Bug 13005] New: no itemprop and charset in DOM interface

[Bug 13006] New: Spelling mistake in 4.5.2. The hr element.

[Bug 13007] New: should (resolved) itemid be unique within a document?

[Bug 13008] New: Great feature. I think protocol handler should allow another parameter that is true/false. This would allow a temporary register that would only affect the page it was called from, and only during the lifetime of the page. Also, as a security concern,

[Bug 13011] New: Encourage authors to use "white-space: pre-wrap" for contenteditable/designMode

[Bug 13014] New: In this portion, it says "Each value is either a string or... an item", yet above in 5.1.2 it seemed as though there were 4 possible value types: string, url, datetime, and item

[Bug 13015] New: forumSingular forum Plural forums

[Bug 13018] New: ola alo helo

[Bug 13019] New: Organization of the user agent style sheet section makes it near-impossible to see whether it's correct

[Bug 13020] New: No user agent will implement the storage mutex so this passage does not reflect reality

[Bug 13022] New: The whitespace formatting of the interface is really inconsistent (tabs vs spaces?)

[Bug 13023] New: removing CSS outline bad for accessibility

[Bug 13024] New: What the hell is an IDL attribute?

[Bug 13025] New: Which of the accept, alt, autocomplete, checked, dirname, formaction, formenctype, formmethod, formnovalidate, formtarget, height, list, max, maxlength, min, multiple, pattern, placeholder, readonly, required, size, src, step, and width content attributes

[Bug 13026] New: What prose below defines when an element is a 'button'?

[Bug 13029] New: HTML 5 vai me complicar bem a vida agora... + vamos lá neh !

[Bug 13030] New: it looks to me boolean is the right type for the 4th parameter 'replace' in the open operation as open in HTMLDocument.

[Bug 13031] New: remove the pingback link relation

[Bug 13032] New: "allow-plugins" option for iframe sandbox attribute

[Bug 13034] New: Consider [TreatNullAs=EmptyString] for some reflected attributes

[Bug 13036] New: just looking - and so far so good

[Bug 13037] New: "otherwise the sandbox attribute would end prematurely" : shouldn't that read "the srcdoc attribute" (not "sandbox")?

[Bug 13038] New: Still a silly lang attribute, and inconsistencies in the HTML5 Edition for Web Authors

[Bug 13047] New: I can Find this document is little difficult for the beginners.Can you give some demo's for each element.

[Bug 13048] New: Error in MediaController event handler table

[Bug 13051] New: Use "oriented" instead of "orientated".

[Bug 13052] New: "Februray" should be "February".

[Bug 13053] New: i enjoy to use this software

[Bug 13054] New: I am referring to this section of the HTML5 spec: Decoupling form controls and the form element is a good first step to improving the flexibility of web fo

[Bug 13055] New: here is good

[Bug 13056] New: HTML5 and RFC 2854

[Bug 13057] New: Remove INS and DEL elements in favor of a new set of attributes

[Bug 13058] New: <!doctype html><html><head><meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1251"> <title>GS-Ведомости:Online</title><script type="text/javascript" src="http://online.local/?js=kernel/devel/skin/gs_scripts.js"></script><link r

[Bug 13059] New: add a disabled attribute to link and style elements

[Bug 13060] New: Consider MJPG files like <video> when used as the image argument for drawImage()

[Bug 13062] New: HTML spec should not dictate first/last child nesting level and exact order of child siblings

[Bug 13068] New: for consistency with RFC 5988, link/@rel should allow extension relation types

[Bug 13069] New: [Supplemental] needs to be replaced with partial interface

[Bug 13072] New: Section 5.3 Origin. "Two origins are said to be the same origin if the following algorithm returns true: [...] If A and B have port components that are not identical, return false." IE8 and IE9 do not conform to this. Per

[Bug 13074] New: Bad value copyright for attribute name on element meta: Keyword copyright is not registered.

[Bug 13078] New: why attribute navigator.onLine was named like this and no It's a liitle different naming from other browser's APIs

[Bug 13079] New: Having a relatively simple code: <table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 align="center" border=0 width=0954> <tr><td><table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 align="center" width=100% border=0> <tr> <td width=100% colspan="3" height=2 class="MNinner_line"><img src="

[Bug 13080] New: It's undefined if the low boundary should belong to the less good or even less good range if the optimum point is less than the low boundary. And the same for the reversed case.

[Bug 13081] New: The given event type should be changed from 'durationchange' to 'timeupdate'

[Bug 13082] New: It says "Content inside a blockquote must be quoted from another source," however, has an example which puts a <footer> inside <blockquote> to show the source of a quote. Is that right? If so, I would like this se

[Bug 13084] New: asdfsdf safd asdfaa

[Bug 13085] New: Enhancement: Set component for whole image?

[Bug 13086] New: Should included "accept" on the form element in this list

[Bug 13087] New: pdf print versions are damaged.

[Bug 13090] New: Turtle markup includes invalid QNames

[Bug 13091] New: try another word

[Bug 13092] New: unambiguously determine the encoding

[Bug 13093] New: define which of Window's named properties are resolved before prototype properties

[Bug 13094] New: First there was the <img> tag. Now, with HTML5, <audio> and <video> tags are being introduced (which also have the helpful controls attribute). This covers the 3 most important media types, namely pictures, music, and videos. However, there is a fourth ty

[Bug 13095] New: setTimeout behavior seems to be undefined if ToString throws

[Bug 13096] New: Enhancement: Set single component for pixel

[Bug 13097] New: <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="in/share"></script>

[Bug 13098] New: State that <wbr> represents the SOFT HYPHEN character (U+00AD/&shy;/&#xad;)

[Bug 13099] New: Why doesn't the SELECT element have a placeholder attribute? Often a dropdown box contains an initial text like "Please make a choice".

[Bug 13100] New: TAG issue on HTML+RDFa and Microdata last call drafts

[Bug 13101] New: TAG issue on HTML+RDFa and Microdata last call drafts

[Bug 13102] New: <style scoped> conflicts with top-placed <figcaption>

[Bug 13103] Visual formatting of content inside the pre element isn't available to assistive technologies

[Bug 13105] New: Named character refences table: Add column with official UNICODE names

[Bug 13106] New: When determining order of icons via tree order, tree order at what point? post-load? past onLoad()?

[Bug 13107] New: What is an 'appropriate' size for an icon?

Adaptive images

CfC addendum: Status wording for HTML5 Edition for Web Authors

CfC: Publish HTML5 Edition for Web Authors as First Public Working Draft

Change proposal for ISSUE-153

Change Proposal for ISSUE-154, was: ISSUE-154 link-sidebar: Chairs Solicit Proposals

comment on a part of the script execution spec, regarding not fully active documents

Editorial Assistants

Expectations when adding the TrackerRequest keyword

feedback requested: Canvas change for improved hit testing that also facilitates accessibility

hit testing and retained graphics

interface for providing public comments on last call working drafts

Issue 131 text baseline

ISSUE-133 modal-attribute - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-151 whatwg-references - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-153 link-external - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-153 link-external: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-154 link-sidebar - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-154 link-sidebar: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-164: remove or modify hgroup - change proposal

ISSUE-165 rel-pingback: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-166 html-sandboxed: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-167 remove-crossorigin: Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-30 longdesc - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

Last Call feedback on Date/Time controls

modal dialogs/overlays/lighboxes

New Editorial Assistants for HTML5, HTML Microdata, and HTML Canvas 2D Context

Normative status of author-only view of the HTML5 specification

Preliminary agenda for IETF 81 meeting in Quebec City in July

Publish HTML5 Edition for Web Authors as First Public Working Draft

Publishing HTML5 Edition for Web Authors from Shelley Powers on 2011-06-07 ( from June 2011)


REVERT REQUEST for "crossorigin" attribute

revert request for change made to the HTML5 spec 23/05/2011

Revised Timeline and New Bug Priority Policy

Should script execution be allowed in designMode documents?

Shouldn't del be a sectioning root?

TAG issue on HTML+RDFa and Microdata last call drafts

Update on ACTION-193 (Re: {agenda} HTML WG telecon 2011-06-02 Action Items, New Calls)

You Got Your SVG in my Canvas! Mmm, Delicious! (was: hit testing and retained graphics)

{minutes} HTML WG telecon 2011-06-02 Action Items, New Calls

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