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The "sidebar" link relation is defined as:

"The sidebar keyword indicates that the referenced document, if 
retrieved, is intended to be shown in a secondary browsing context (if 
possible), instead of in the current browsing context."

Tests show that UAs differ in what they do, and that none of the UAs 
actually do what the spec says.


Testing with five UAs shows:

3 UAs (IE / Chrome / Safari) ignore the link relation, thus navigate to 
the linked resource

2 UAs (Opera and FF) open their "bookmark" dialogue, and stay on the 
current page

None does what the spec describes.


Remove the subsection " Link type "sidebar"" and the related 
entry under "4.12.4 Link types".

Instead, follow the process for new link relations, by proposing this 
over at


1. Positive Effects

People who want this link relation to be valid will have to follow the 
WG-approved process to make it valid. When it is registered it will 
likely have a more accurate description.

2. Negative Effects


3. Conformance Classes Changes

The link relation "sidebar" becomes invalid until registered.

4. Risks



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