Expectations when adding the TrackerRequest keyword

Hello Working Group,

Lately some people have been adding the TrackerRequest keyword to bugs without providing a title and text for the issue to be created. The Chairs like to turn around TrackerRequests quickly. But we often can't create a good Tracker Issue if the person escalating does not make clear their reasons from doing so; at times the issue created doesn't match the intent of the person escalting. Also, we think that if no one can be bothered to provide even a title and text for the issue, it's unlikely anyone will do the significantly greater work of writing a Change Proposal, so we will not waste the WG's time in such cases.

For TrackerRequest bugs currently outstanding, we expect this information to be provided by Midnight (US Eastern) this Friday. For future escalations, if we see TrackerRequest and this info is not provided, it will promptly be removed.


Received on Thursday, 23 June 2011 15:36:16 UTC