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<data> tag under <menu>?

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: 3066 or its successor

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Add lang="it"

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Alphabet on lexicon is default

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Alternate IPA characters ' and :

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Bias in 5.5

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: dc:language

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Definition of orthography

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Embeddable in other formats?

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: encoding=utf8

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: English in italian lexicon

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Incorrect accent on italian text

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: IPAHNDBK alternative ?

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: it-IT

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Japanese mixtures

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Meta data container element

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Name of grapheme element

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Not easy in ASR

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Phonemic examples

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Point to IPA picker

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Possible to choose language specific lexicon?

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Problems with 4.5 japanese example

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Quotes missing

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: s/then/than/

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Section 5.3

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Show simple PLS doc in intro

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Smyth

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Styling for MUST, SHOULD, etc

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Sub-elements for example

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Text out of synch with schema

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Transformation ?

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: TTS or ASR?

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: TTS vs. ASR in 4.5

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Use characters rather than escapes in code

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Variant id suggestion for TTS homograph disambiguation

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Why one lexicon per language?

[PLS1.0] i18n comment: Why orthography attribute?

[pls] Final document on answers to I18N

[reminder] W3C speech synthesis markup language workshop

[scxml] schema problem within <assign> node

[www-voice] <none>

Browsing using speech

CCXML AssertionManager download

clarification needed on VoiceXML 2.0

Comment on the SRGS spec

Comment regarding <option>,<grammar> usage

Comments on Last Call Working Draft of Pronunciation Lexicon Specification (PLS)

comments on SCXML W3C Working Draft 24 January 2006

Comments on the Last Call Working Draft of the PLS specification

Enhanced Model for CCXML State Management

Event Driven outbound calling

example domains

Forms & Input

Grammar activation

Issues with latest working draft (May 10, 2006) SCXML.xsd schema.

Learning VXML

Meaning of the words "grapheme" and "orthography"

PLS Last Call Comment From WAI/PF

SCXML : Event Generation and Dynamic Creation of Statechart

SCXML Extensions for graphical description

some comments on an SCXML draft

Suggested change to <audio/>

Transfer element

Typo in the document "Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition (SISR) Version 1.0" dated 1/11/2006

VoiceXML 2.1: mandatory script media types

VXML 2.1 and parsing of XML data

vxml 2.1 and srcexpr grammar

Xerces can't parse Voice XML schema

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