RE: [scxml] schema problem within <assign> node

The current version of  the spec uses the attribute 'location' to
the concept of 'name'.  The idea is that a location is designated by
some sort of path expression, and a simple variable can be viewed
as a degenerate path consisting of only one link.  So to assign to a 
variable named 'foo', write <assign location="foo" ...>.

However, we warn that the datamodel is the least stable part of the
specification and may change significantly in future drafts.  

- Jim

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Subject: [scxml] schema problem within <assign> node

Hello guys,
I have noticed the scxml schema is not accepting @name
as a valid attribute within the <assign> node. 

The current schema is just concentrating in the
datamodel part forgetting about the fact that <assign>
node can be used to just modify a local variable and
then @name is a valid attribute as well.

Am I missing something? Thanks a lot!,


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