RE: SCXML Extensions for graphical description

Could you include the graphical information in the data model?  The DM
is intended to provide a standard means for extended SCXML so we would
recommend  using it rather than extra attributes, if possible.
Well-formatted comments would also be possible, and would have the
advantage that  the author of the script could not modify the
information at runtime. 


We do not currently plan on adding graphical information to SCXML, but
that could change if there is sufficient user feedback, particularly if
various groups of users  agree on how the information should be added.  


- Jim



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Sent: Monday, May 29, 2006 8:52 PM
Subject: SCXML Extensions for graphical description



I was reviewing the document for state machine XML (
<>  ).

I'm working on a translation script that will import/export between
SCXML and a popular state machine tool.  The task is complicated by the
lack of graphical attributes in the SCXML schema.

I think that most users would want to display their state machines
graphically for a number of reasons:

1.  Creation process
2.  Peer reviews
3.  Documentation

I more interested in reason #1.  I have no desire to create my state
machines by typing in text by hand.  I'd rather use one of the many
graphical tools for creating and simulating state machines.  However,
I'm interested in converting my state machines into a tool-independent

States and transitions require graphical information including:

1.  Origin
2.  Dimension (states only)
3.  Termination (transitions only)

I'm considering two options for my SCXML conversion tool:

1.  Modification of the SCXML schema to include graphical attributes
2.  Inclusion of well formatted comments that would detail the graphical

Do you have any recommendations on how to proceed?

Is there a future extension to SCXML in the near future that includes
graphical information?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Kind Regards,


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