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Subject: Re: [PLS1.0] i18n comment: Use characters rather than escapes in

Issue R103-2

Proposed Classification: Clarification / Typo / Editorial 

Resolution: Accept

We accept your request. All the examples in the PLS specification will
be changed by moving the "numerical character references" into the XML
comments and the IPA unicode characters into the PLS elements.

We originally followed the convention from the SSML 1.0 specification
[1] (i.e. in Section 3.1.9 of SSML) to better support copy-and-paste
from the spec to an SSML document. Two years later, this may no longer
be necessary.

We will add an Informative Note mentioning the possible use of the
"numerical character references" as shown in the comment.

Is the term "numerical character references" the correct one? We found a
normative reference in [2]:

[[ C047 [I] [C] Escapes SHOULD only be used when the characters to be
expressed are not directly representable in the format or the character
encoding of the document, or when the visual representation of the
character is unclear. ]] 


Please indicate whether you are satisfied with the VBWG's resolution,
whether you think there has been a misunderstanding, or whether you wish
to register an objection.

Paolo Baggia, editor PLS spec

Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 17:32:02 +0000
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Comment from the i18n review of:

Comment 2
Editorial/substantive: E
Owner: RI
Location in reviewed document:


All examples show escapes in the code and ipa characters in comments.
Please reverse this. It would be fine to say in one place that people
could use escapes if it is difficult to type in characters (as you do at
the end of 4.1) (though see the suggestion for overcoming that
difficulty using a character picker, later). The current approach
encourages the use of escapes, and makes the examples difficult to read.

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