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Seems like that would be just a conditional prompt (<prompt cond="name 

Jeff wrote on 04/27/2006 10:10:44 AM:

> I've also had reason to wish for this feature. In a voicemail system I
> wanted to play either:
>    "You've reached" + subscriber's recorded name
> or:
>    "I'm sorry the person you have called is not available"
> where the second prompt (a wav file not TTS, but that's immaterial) 
> play
> if the subscriber's recorded name were unavailable.
> I don't remember how or whether we fixed this. I didn't lose a lot of 
> over it,
> but it's a nice to have feature.
> Robert
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> Subject: Suggested change to <audio/>
> Hey Folks,
> One of the best features of audio is the ability to play backup tts
> should the audio source be unavailable.  Currently though, <audio/>
> requires either the src or expr attributes to be listed, or a badfetch
> is tossed.  Well, I've come upon a scenario where I wouldn't
> necessarily want to list either, and use the backup tts feature in a
> way that wasn't anticipated, but could be very useful.
> For example, let's say I'm playing an account number to the caller:
>   <audio expr="AudioDirectory+'1.wav'">1</audio>
>   <audio expr="AudioDirectory+'2.wav'">2</audio>
>   <audio expr="AudioDirectory+'3.wav'">3</audio>
>   <audio expr="AudioDirectory+'4.wav'">4</audio>
>   <audio expr="AudioDirectory+'5.wav'">5</audio>
>   <audio expr="AudioDirectory+'6.wav'">6</audio>
> I'm not going to prerecord every possible number, so I play audio one
> digit at a time.  But, if for any reason one or more of them is
> unavailable, I would rather the whole thing be read back as TTS.   The
> above code sounds horrible as backup tts, and I do not really have
> ssml control over it.
> What I would like to see is this:
> <audio>
>   <audio expr="AudioDirectory+'1.wav'/>
>   <audio expr="AudioDirectory+'2.wav'/>
>   <audio expr="AudioDirectory+'3.wav'/>
>   <audio expr="AudioDirectory+'4.wav'/>
>   <audio expr="AudioDirectory+'5.wav'/>
>   <audio expr="AudioDirectory+'6.wav'/>
>   <prosody rate="-10%">
>   <say-as interpret-as="digits">123456</say-as>
>   </prosody>
> </audio>
> This (or something similar) would allow you to chain a bunch of audio
> prompts together, but if any of them fail, have a single backup tts
> prompt replaced for all of them.  In my head, if all numbers wav files
> were unavailable, or even if just 5.wav were unavailable, none of them
> would play, and the ssml'ed TTS would play instead.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Shane Smith

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