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ANNOUNCEMENT: Redland RDF Application Framework 0.9.15 Dave Beckett (Saturday, 31 January)

More thoughts for SW-IG F2F agenda Graham Klyne (Saturday, 31 January)

Another possible SW-IG F2F agenda topic... Graham Klyne (Saturday, 31 January)

ANNOUNCE: eventSherpa BETA 1.2 Released (Semantic iCalendar) Paul Cowles (Friday, 30 January)

A Fork Lay Ahead (was URI: Name or Network Location?) Rhoads, Stephen (Friday, 30 January)

CFP: DOA 2004 Laura Bright (Thursday, 29 January)

Can hash URI description lookups be made to scale? Phil Dawes (Wednesday, 28 January)

Accessibility Metadata event, Zurich 2004-02-09 Charles McCathieNevile (Thursday, 29 January)

Call for Workshops (IEEE/WIC/ACM WI-IAT'04) wi-iat@maebashi-it.org (Wednesday, 28 January)

rdf:Seq Morcom, Harvey (Tuesday, 27 January)

NLDB'04 Elisabeth Metais (Tuesday, 27 January)

-request Baowen Xu (Tuesday, 27 January)

WCCW2004 Call for Papers: First International Workshop on Web Computing in Cyberworlds Baowen Xu (Tuesday, 27 January)

INTELLCOMM'04 2nd CFP Chutiporn Anutariya (Tuesday, 27 January)

WCCW2004 Call for Papers Baowen Xu (Tuesday, 27 January)

WCCW2004 Call for Papers : First International Workshop on Web Computing in Cyberworlds Baowen Xu (Tuesday, 27 January)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 1.2.0 Dave Beckett (Saturday, 24 January)

RE: [ontolog-forum] Wordnet Representations - XSD/RDF/OWL Danny Ayers (Friday, 23 January)

Wordnet Representations - RDF/XSD/OWL Michael Daconta (Thursday, 22 January)

Call For Papers: 18 CS & CE Conferences, Las Vegas, June 21-24, 2004 Hamid Arabnia (Thursday, 22 January)

CFP: First International Workshop on Sustainable Pervasive Computing- SPC'04 KOUADRI MOSTEFAOUI Soraya (Thursday, 22 January)

ICKEP: Call for Interest Roman Barták (Thursday, 22 January)

ANNOUNCE: RDF Gateway 2.0 released with free personal edition Geoff Chappell (Wednesday, 21 January)

Call for Workshop Proposals: OTM 2004 Laura Bright (Wednesday, 21 January)

Library based on RDF Henk Jurriens (Wednesday, 21 January)

AIMSA 2004: Call For Papers: The Eleventh International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Christoph Bussler (Tuesday, 20 January)

URI: Name or Network Location? Stephen K. Rhoads (Tuesday, 20 January)

CFP: EKAW 2004 - 14th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Management E.Motta (Monday, 19 January)

Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language Dave Beckett (Monday, 19 January)

RDF as an information store ? Kai Hendry (Monday, 19 January)

Any project about RDF Query for Image Retrieval System? wwmm (Saturday, 17 January)

New Product Suite Supports RDF Modeling with 1M+ Element Framework George Maney (Saturday, 17 January)

Importan Question for me Federico Rozados (Friday, 16 January)

RDF Editing software Jeroen Budts (Thursday, 15 January)

[Ann] Usage Scenarios and Goals For the Ontology Definition Metam odel Hart, Lewis (Thursday, 15 January)

F2F RDF IG Jeremy Carroll (Thursday, 15 January)

W3C acknowledges RDQL submission from HP Dan Brickley (Thursday, 15 January)

[Ann] Semantic Content Management SC of ebXML Registry TC Farrukh Najmi (Thursday, 15 January)

Sharing ontologies in the semantic web world Chris Catton (Thursday, 15 January)

adding rdf to a webpage Jeroen Budts (Wednesday, 14 January)

Photo database Cameron McCormack (Wednesday, 14 January)

[www-rdf-interest] <none> Jeroen Budts (Monday, 12 January)

Some questions Jeroen Budts (Monday, 12 January)

Call for Papers: Middleware 2004 Cristiana Amza (Sunday, 11 January)

client side rdf ->xsl -> html Gerrit Kuilder (Sunday, 11 January)

DOASP - description of a software project Max Voelkel (Sunday, 11 January)

Fast RDF Schema prototyping with Freemind and XSLT Max Voelkel (Sunday, 11 January)

In-Depth Genealogy Ontology Matthew Smith (Saturday, 10 January)

ANNOUNCE: Planet RDF Edd Dumbill (Friday, 9 January)

Query across multiple models Bob MacGregor (Friday, 9 January)

CFP: ECAI 2004 Workshop on Application of Semantic Web Technologies to Web Communities Rubén Lara (Friday, 9 January)

Library based on RDF Henk Jurriens (Friday, 9 January)

rdf:Seq & rdf:Alt in OWL class definition Kaile Smith (Friday, 9 January)

XML (Schema) to DAML Translator Gautam Thaker (Wednesday, 7 January)

SemPGRID04: Call for Paper (DATE CORRECTIONS!) Hongsuda Tangmunarunkit (Wednesday, 7 January)

Job Opportunity - DERi-KM Ying Ding (Wednesday, 7 January)

SemPGRID04: Call for Paper Hongsuda Tangmunarunkit (Tuesday, 6 January)

RDF For In-Depth Genalogy Matthew Smith (Tuesday, 6 January)

looking for tips Darío Andrés Silva (Tuesday, 6 January)

Call for Papers: PHP and Web Standards Conference UK 2004 Davey (Tuesday, 6 January)

Re: A Link to Start with Rules Adrian Walker (Monday, 5 January)

ANN: Anyone for .Net RDF? Victor Lindesay (Monday, 5 January)

ANN: Progos SW tools Peter Vojnisek (Monday, 5 January)

Getting RDF data into HTML Cameron McCormack (Monday, 5 January)

XML Europe 2004 - abstract deadline looming (jan 5) Dan Brickley (Sunday, 4 January)

[ANN] tangle yarn: RDF intro Timothy Falconer (Friday, 2 January)

Re: Trust, Context, Justification and Quintuples Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 2 January)

ANN: New book: Rapid Application Development with Mozilla Nigel McFarlane (Friday, 2 January)

Annum Novum faustum felicem - MMIV philippe boland (Thursday, 1 January)

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