RE: Listing vocabularies RE: Some questions

Charles said:

> I suspect you haven't a hope of ever getting all the schemas. 
> One interesting approach would be to collect RDF content and 
> collect up all the terms used, seeing if they are defined 
> anywhere (like a traditional search engine does).

I have a vague memory of seeing an experiment like this conducted by one
of the FOAF aggregator services not too long ago. Well, not going as far
as looking up definitions, but listing/counting occurrences of
property/class URIs in the data. I can't recall where it was just now
but maybe one of the FOAF folk here might be able to point to something.

It was quite an eye-opener to see the large number of "variant" URIs
deployed for common terms (either because specs had changed over time or
because of typos in XML, "#" in place of "/" in XML namespace names, and
so on), as well as the range of "locally" minted terms.
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