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On Mon, 12 Jan 2004, Jeroen Budts wrote:

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> Hi,
> I just started reading the RDF Primer [1] (i'm on page 43) and i'm
> creating a foaf file about myself, but I have some questions (I hope
> this is the right list)
> In the foaf spec[2] there is an element foaf:knows in which you can
> place a foaf:Person, to tell you know the other person. I have been
> looking to some foaf files and there's always only one foaf:Person in
> a foaf:knows like this:
> <foaf:knows>
> ~  <foaf:Person rdf:resource="#friend1" />
> </foaf:knows>
> <foaf:knows>
> ~  <foaf:Person rdf:resource="#friend2" />
> </foaf:knows>
> But is it also possible to write it this way? :
> <foaf:knows>
> ~  <rdf:Bag>
> ~    <foaf:Person rdf:resource="#friend1"/>
> ~    <foaf:Person rdf:resource="#friend2"/>
> ~  </rdf:Bag>
> </foaf:knows>

no, this isn't the same thing - you don't know a bag, you know a person

A better places for foaf-specific questions is the (subscribe info at See also the resources
at the foaf homepage

> I also saw some Foaf files where people had declared the foaf
> namespace as the default namespace for the page and then defined it
> again with the foaf: prefix, and they sometimes use the foaf classes
> and properties without prefix and sometimes with prefix. Is there any
> difference?

It's just for the convenience of using no namespace and the foaf
namespace in one document to refer to foaf terms.

> Is there somewhere a list of all available/known rdf vocabularies?

There are several. Off the top of my head: (which seems to be down at the moment)

there are many more, I'm sure.


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