Re: URI: Name or Network Location?

> The http: URI scheme is indeed a very attractive scheme to use to
> name resources -- because, as you point out, one can (optionally)
> employ HTTP to provide access to representations of that resource.

While you're on the subject, and because I know you have seriously
consistent views on this: what does the word "representations" mean
there?  My gray understanding is the community on the whole has no
consensus here, so a not-well-defined term is used.  But I suspect it
is well-defined for you.

Try replacing "representations of" with 

   (1) "content (MIME Entities) associated with"

   (2) "serializations of"

I have trouble finding a consistent and useful meaning of
"representation" between those two.

       -- sandro

Received on Friday, 23 January 2004 08:39:00 UTC