Call for Papers: PHP and Web Standards Conference UK 2004

Hi folks,

    I would like to announce the public Call for Papers for the PHP and 
Web Standards
Conference UK 2004.

The PHP and Web Standards (PaWS) Conference will cover using PHP, Web 
Standards and the
Semantic Web separately and in conjunction with each other.

We would like to stress that whether you are interested in PHP, Web 
Standards or the Semantic Web there
will be talks geared to all audiences. Some of our content will cover 
the usage of these together, but we
will be providing much content that is one or the other.

PaWS is trying to use RDF practically within its website, and has 
already implemented FOAF and is working on
implementing Annotea and RdfCalendar/Rdfical too. We would love to see 
what practical applications the RDF
community itself can come up with and hope to see RDF and the Semantic 
Web community represented at the

The date for this event is February 20th - 24th 2004 and will be held in 

We will be having almost 50 hours of talks and additional workshops on 
top of this. We
hope to also provide after hours facilities for gatherings and such (for 
example, an (informal?) FOAF
meeting could be held).

The conference topics include:


    * General PHP
    * PHP and XML
    * PHP5 + OOP
    * PHP and Corporate Solutions
    * PHP and Alternate Interfaces (Flash, GTK etc.)
    * PHP and Databases
    * PHP Extensions
    * PHP and Web Standards

Web Standards

    * Web Standards Advocacy (Why we should use them)
    * The Semantic Web
    * Web Standards and Corporate Solutions
    * XML (Including XSLT, XPath etc.)
    * Web Development Using Web Standards

For more information on submitting papers, and on the conference itself, 
visit or

The due date for papers in January 17th and papers will be selected by 
January 20th.

We look forward to your submissions, and if you have any questions feel 
free to e-mail

- Davey

Received on Monday, 5 January 2004 21:11:21 UTC